Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Last Minute Snowflakes part 2

Once your snowflakes are dry, gently peel off the wax paper, admire and hang.And sometimes, there are casualties. This is why a thicker line works and just so ya know, if you try to unpeel your snowflake before it is completely dry, it will most probably break.I wish you all a scrumdilly holiday and tremendous New Year! Thank you for stopping by. Happy 2009! ~jek

**edit-I'm not sure why exactly, I'm thinking it is due to moisture but when I woke up this morning my poor snowflakes were all sloopy droopy. Maybe next time I will mount them to cardstock and cut out or I guess I could just make them on the cardstock. Whoop!

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  1. Here is another idea... You can make a hot glue snowflake on glass or plexiglass. you could either pour the glitter on while the hot glue is still gooey, or you could wait til it is dry and cover it with craft glue and then glitter. Peel off when dry and hard. If you chose to do this teqhnique and still wanted more kid input with the snowflake design, then you could have them draw their snowflake, place it under the glass and you trace over their drawing on the glass with the hot glue.