Tuesday, February 10, 2009

hearts to flowers

I am sure you have all seen, if not made, the heart petal flower pops. The fun flowers that use a lollipop as the base with hearts for petals. It's all over the internet and if you're an old school Martha Kids reader you probably have that issue bookmarked like me. So, here's my take. It's pretty much the same thing but without the sugared center.You will need:
*3-4 hearts for each flower
*pipecleaner, chenille stems
*large buttons
*small hole punch
For this project, I used the artwork that was created for the shake and make painting.

Flip your paper or kidlet's artwork over so that the print and prettiness faces down. Trace a heart shape onto the back as many times as you can fit. I used the template from the memory game. An easy template can be made by folding a 3" by 4" piece of paper in half and cutting out a half heart shape on the fold. This size heart would use 3 hearts for each flower.Cut out the hearts. and stack three or four on top of each other. Punch a hole or two if using a small punch. One hole if using a regular punch. Give yourself some room from the edge so that your kidlet doesn't tear the heart as they thread the stem through.Thread a pipe cleaner/chenille stem up through the hole from the bottom. Add your button and bend the same point of the stem though a different hole in the button and back down through the same hole the stem has already been pushed thorough.Give the two bits of stem a twist and arrange your petals. Ta-da! A beautiful bouquet made from your child's artwork!


  1. Love your paper heart bouquet! :)

  2. Awesome Work Love your paper heart Bouquet. we are doing our own flowers. I would love to go somewhere and learn how!

  3. I like the design of your blog very much. It looks like a page from fairy tale. I’m really impressed!

  4. I like the way you have incorporated different scenes. Good work