Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hang a heart or two

Repurposed art heart garlands....Here's another bit you can do with your kidlet's artwork. Like the hearts to flowers, trace a heart shape onto the back of the artwork and cut out. You can do more than one size for fun variety.

Stack up your hearts and bring them with you to the sewing machine. Set your stitch to the longest you can, I set mine to 4 and place a hard under the foot. Stitch along the heart with a quick backstitch at the top to hold and continue running the machine as you get the bottom. Guide the heart out behind the foot and gently tug along the thread as you run the machine al ittle more, about six inches or so. Add another heart under the foot and stitch. Continue until you have a length of garland yo uare happy with. I did this from top to bottom for a vertical garland. You can do this from side to side for a horizontal garland if you like.Not into hearts? Stitch up squares or circles. It's all fun!

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