Saturday, July 18, 2009

10 things to do with paper plates

1. paint on 'em!
2. cut out the center, punch holes in the edges and weave a dream catcher
3. paint, fold in half and make a bunting
4. cut them into cloud shapes and cover them with glue and cotton balls
5. fold in half, seal 'em partway, fill with beans, reseal, paint and shake 'em up!
6. cut out the center of 3 or more plates. glue em all together, paint and dry, then fling it around like a frisbee
7. collage em all up and turn into a hat
8. punch holes around the edges, attach string or yarn and other goodies and make a mobile.
9.. add a couple blobs of paint, drop a marble or two on top and move the plate around to paint with the marbles.
10. cut 'em in half, collage with a nose and mouth, add a craft stick handle and you have a funny mask.


  1. Oh my gosh...this makes me want to go and get some paper right now and get started!! Awesome ideas!!

  2. #1 -Cut one in half and turn it to face another whole plate. Punch holes so the holes match up. 'Sew' them together with yarn, leaving extra at the top to hang from. I use these in preschool for valentine to be collected in.
    #2- Cut out half of the inner circle on two plates, as above punch holes matching them up so they can sewn around the bottom edges of the plate where the hole isn't cut. When they face each other, they can be filled like an Easter basket.

  3. Here's what my daughter did: put two together to make a duck bill.

  4. Great ideas! We haven't moved past 'eat off of them' yet, but we will thanks to you :)