Thursday, July 30, 2009

10 things to do with egg cartons

working as a nanny i found that the most usable and open ended items for the kidets to play with were the things we had at home. paper towel tubes, boxes, thread spools, buttons and egg cartons! i remember playing with these very items for hours on end so of course i should make sure to keep these thoughts in the front of my mind. there are plenty of other lists out there but these are the things i did as a kidlet and are among my favorites:

1.use the top for a shadow box or diorama
2.sort, sort, sort into em
3.fill with potting soil and start some seedlings
4.fill with dirt, add some pill bugs and make a bug city
5.separate the cups, decorate, fill with beans, join 2 together and you have a shaker your collections in them
7.paint, cut apart, punch holes, add string and bird seed, hang
8.make your own mancala or owari game
9.separate the cups, paint and turn em into critters
10.cut em up, paint em and glue to make robots

for something pretty, turn em into twinkle light covers. for something useful, feed 'em to your worms and for something fun, check out my birdie potpourri post over at craftzine!

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