Tuesday, August 18, 2009

10 things to do with a strawberry basket & a giveaway

1. store trinkets in it
2. turn it into a bubble wand
3. dip into paint and print with it
4. stencil with it
5. use it for weaving
6. turn it into a mobile
7. turn it into a mouse/fairy/bug house
8. turn it into a basket with handle
9. cut it up and make a pin
10. use your imagination and make something grand!

you can find plastic berry baskets here and if you leave a comment, i will add your name to a basket/craft kit giveaway. what say you? the winner will be drawn on monday!


  1. berry baskets are great! I have several wooden ones but ner a plastic one in sight!

  2. I haven't gotten any strawberries in those baskets this year - mine have all been in the clear plastic boxes. I guess I need to buy local strawberries.

  3. Oh my goodness! I think I need get some berry baskets for my classroom...

    I see storage, weaving and other artsy goodness for this year!

    Thank you for posting this! :)

  4. I totally need some berry baskets. SO many things I can do with them.

  5. how fun! I love berry baskets. I love berries.

  6. When I was little I'd use berry baskets to hold lilacs. Great ideas - thanks for the inspiration!

  7. So fun, great ideas, but I am with these other ladies--they have done away with the plastic baskets like this in my area also---Great idea to e-bay for them!

  8. Love these "10 things" posts. Keep 'em coming! Hope your summer has been great.

  9. I've been hanging onto a couple berry baskets with the intention of using them for crafts with the kiddos. Thanks for all the fun suggestions!

  10. What great ideas. Thanks a lot

  11. we have two and a half weeks left until school starts...please tell me the last two weeks go fast! we can definitely try out some of these ideas while we wait!

    (i was also thinking about making some shrinky-dinks with the plastic strawberry containers.)


  12. I love the little berry baskets for lining and putting my little beads and such inside.

  13. 160 strawberry baskets make a lot of projects!

    We'd love to be in your giveaway - marisaharder (at) gmail.com

    Thanks for the ideas!

  14. I've always just let the kids free play with them which always ends up with smashed baskets. Thanks for the ideas.

  15. Love your 'ten things' lists!
    I miss these berry baskets.

    Your blog is da bomb. ;-)


  16. Well, I think I need to buy strawberries just because of this post.

  17. I laughed histerically when I clicked the link. Not sure what I would every do with 160 berry baskets! You might have to expand your list because I'm a few ideas short if I order the auction. Our berries always come in wooden containers. Now I'm on the lookout for these!!

  18. It's funny -- I just stumbled on your blog via your vintage spool article on Craftzine. I scrolled down to read some old posts and lo and behold, there was a link to one of my own projects. Thanks for linking to my strawberry basket Easter basket! It seems like we're kindred craft spirits in the way we like to re-use items. Keep those good ideas coming!