Thursday, August 27, 2009

odds & ends art in the style of louise nevelson

last summer i took a class on women in art. it was more awesome than awesome and i finished up the whole adventure with a deep yearning for more. one of the projects we did was a sculptural project based on the large scale installations of Louise Nevelson we began with a flat square of cardboard, a bottle of tacky glue and an enormous assortment of small wooden pieces. after we framed and layered and glued ourselves silly, we took our projects outside for a coating or two of black spray paint. it's interesting how everything looks nicer when it is all monochromatic.early this summer we were attempting to begin the big purge in my casa and had two kidlets in tow. we set them up in the garden with all sorts of doodads. plastic bottle caps, popsicle sticks, cereal boxes, wooden discs and anything else that was destined for the recycle bin. after all the glue dried, the kidlets picked out their paint colors and we did our own takes on a Louise Nevelson piece.creating an art project based on an artist's style is not meant to emulate their masterpieces but to tie it all in so that your kidlet can connect the two. they may not remember the artist's biography but chances are, once you have them do their own Nevelsons, Warhols or Picassos they will remember a familiarity with that artist's work and they will remember the joy they felt when making their own creations. children are never to young to receive art and creativity as long as we make it a joyful experience.

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**this is a project to do on a day when the kidlets are bored. it is a "use what you have" kind of project. it may use up your recyclable materials and you may be able to repurpose much for this but in no way am i trying to claim this is an environmentally sound project. using spray paint kinda takes away from that idea. you are free to, and encouraged even, to use other types of paint though those may not cover all your areas as nifty. however, by doing so, you will add another step for your kidlets to complete and a mess happy art experience for them as well. happy arting!


  1. Awesome! Your blog is always so creative and fun, I love reading it!

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  2. Fun images! I wonder how a cross of your lesson and mine would come out? Something to try this year!

  3. thank you folks!

    Kim, i LOVE your project with all the balance and problem solving aspect. there are so many ways to do this project, it's so cool! also, love yer blog!

  4. Oh my goodness!! I love that your kids did this project!! I saw the photo on flickr while looking for inspiration-- I'm doing a project in the style of Louise Nevelson for an art history class myself. I was pretty intimidated by this project, but seeing what your kids made and how they had fun with it really inspired me!! Thanks so much for sharing!

  5. oh! don't be intimidated, it's a lot of fun! enjoy!

  6. seems to be a great fun.
    i have to try it.

    thanks for the tutorial. i've linked it.

    many greetings, doro.