Friday, October 2, 2009

now you see it now you don't, now you see it again...

Need a quick project to amuse the wee ones? Put together a (tiny) batch of magical disappearing "ink" and let the fun begin.

What you need:
*baking soda
*shallow dish or jar lid
*white paper
*paint brush
*grape juice

scrumdilly-do it!

This recipe is not as full proof as as a good batch of traditional invisible ink but it also doesn't require any flames or heat. It has a bit of wow power and you can whip it up in a moments notice. Just know that some kids won't be know the type, the ones who can perform their own magic tricks and the ones who know exactly why the sky is blue? For those kidlets, let them do their own experimentation. Science is always a cool thing.Gather your supplies and set up as you would for any painting project.

Add a tablespoon or so if baking soda to your lid or dish and cap off with water. A little goes a long way.Have your wee one paint up their paper however they choose. They can practice their letters, draw a picture or decorate their paper with shapes and such. The heavier the paper you use, the more "sticking" power your ink will have. Explain that they are painting with magic ink or invisible paint. Ask them if they can see the paint as they work with it. Engage in the process and follow their cues.Once they are finished, set aide the paper to dry. Set up a kitchen timer and ask them to guess how long it will take for their pictures to "disappear".Once dry, set up a new dish with a small amount of purple grape juice. Talk about their invisible drawings and ask them if they can guess what will happen when you add the grape juice to the mix. Have your kidlet paint over their pictures with the grape juice. The baking soda paint will turn green when it reacts to the grape juice (It's because of the acidity in the two).Make sure your kidlets use their grape juice lightly. The more they paint with the grape juice, the quicker the baking soda will dissolve and the paper will become a green mess. You can help curb any disappointment by telling them the ink will disappear, reappear and disappear all over again.

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