Tuesday, October 20, 2009

halloween fun: monster hands

Monster Hands!

Here is a fun project done in two parts that your kidlets can use to decorate the house. Bring on the lab!

What you need:
*two sheets of paper or a paper lunch sack
*glue (not a glue stick)
*paper clip or clothespin (optional)
*wax paper
*paints, markers, glitter, etc
*plastic bags like from bread or the grocery

scrumdilly-do it!

Have or help your kidlet trace his or her hand onto a sheet of paper or one side of a paper sack.

If using a sack, cut out the hand shape so that you have two hands. If using paper, use a paper clip or clothespin to anchor two sheets together (one on top of the other) and cut out two hands.

Remove the top hand and place the other on a sheet of wax paper. Draw a line of glue around the edge of the other hand, keeping the wrist area glue-free and place its match on top. You can use clothespins or paperclips to keep the pieces together. Allow to dry on the wax paper. The wax paper won't stick to the gluey mess.
Once dry, gently stuff the hand with a plastic bag or two, fiberfill or cotton balls. Draw a line of glue across the opening and anchor closed using a couple of paper clips or clothespins. If the paper rips, just add glue or tape over the rip.Have your kidlets go to town making their monster hand! They can paint, collage, color or glue it to their heart's content. Make it as funny or scary as you like. Do one side at a time and allow to dry. While you wait for it to dry, begin your next monster hand! Make a pair! Make a trio!You can do this with fabric as well or make big freehand monster hands from large paper grocery sacks. Oooh, make a large freehand monster hand on a pillowcase (inside out). stitch it up, decorate and you have a nifty trick or treat sack!

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