Monday, February 8, 2010

ikea hack: valentine's day scarves

Check this out! One Polarvide throw can make 15 scarves for your wee one to give to his or her classmates! Simply fold in half, pin and cut.

You can leave them as they are with a sweet note or cut extra hearts out of the ends. If your tot is handy with a needle and thread, they can embroider a small heart or stitch on a monster face to make love monster scarves. Oh the possibilities!
At $3.49 I think this may be the best deal ever, plus it's useful and the throw also comes in a super nifty green!

**this is what Za is giving to her classmates. We kinda wished we had a class full of Valentines to give them to as well!


  1. I'm french and I just want to thank you for your blog... So much ideas... My english isn't good but with photos I can understand the big idea.
    See you later !

  2. What a fun and frugal gift for Valentine's Day! This will make a perfect project for our kids tomorrow night at church. The scarves can be given to the homeless shelter just down the road. Thanks for the inspiration :) !

  3. thank you flo! i hope you enjoy your crafting!

    Catheirne-that is a most excellent idea and so wonderful! I am humbled and think i need to pick up more blankets!

  4. that IS a really lovely idea! I'm actually covered with a red ikea throw just like the one you used, & already thinking of cutting it up so that I can go get another throw. LOL Thanks! :D More projects please!

  5. STOP! You are killing me with the flood of creativity. Puh-leeease, I do NOT need another reason to find myself at IKEA. (OK, I had to say that im front of the husband, please keep the ideas coming.)
    Wow and double wow.

  6. This idea is the bomb. I haven't yet packed away my Valentines crafty box...I might have to make a pilgrimage to Ikea before it goes up into the attic again.

  7. Very cute and light-weight scarves! My kids got tired of cutting the blanket into scarves pretty quickly, but they had fun cutting shapes near the bottom edge and helping me make the tags and tie the scarves in a roll.

  8. thank you Gretel! i myself got very tired of cutting the scarves...heehee!