Friday, October 22, 2010

Halloween Fun with Grow Capsules

aka another day, another garland...I can't help it. I'm a little dotty for garlands and these are really easy to make. Plus they're inexspensive and would be the perfect size to hang up on your wee one's headboard.


*one pack grow capsules
*needle & thread
*container of warm water
*splash friendly work area
*buttons and/or beads optional
*paper punches or halloween stickers
*scrapbook letters, also optional
*glue stick

scrumdilly-do it:Set out bowl of warm water and have your wee ones drop their capsules in the water. Lately I have been seeing these little grow capsules EVERYWHERE. I see them at birthday parties, craft stores, the dollar bin at Target, and even Urban Outfitters. These may be an American thing, I don't know but what they are are small foam shapes stuffed inside a gelatin capsule that dissolves in water leaving you with a happy foam shaped bear, ghost or whatnot.The hotter the water, the quicker the gelatin capsules open but don't make the water too hot so your wee one can poke a finger or two in the mix and swirl them up a bit. Play a guessing game as to what shape they think each color is going to be. To hurry things along, they can even rub their fingers back and forth over the capsule. When sponge shape is free from capsule, remove from bowl making sure to squeezey, squeeze, squeeze out excess water. Set aside until the rest are done.

If you choose not to make a garland, these small shapes make excellent sorting and counting manipulatives. The more the merrier, have a special place to place all your foam shapes and start up a collection. Or, whip out that needle and thread and begin stringing.

Have your wee ones arrange shapes in the order they want them to appear on their garland. This is a great opportunity for pattern and seriation, don't rush them. Once they are ready, thread needle with a length of thread about six to eight feet long, don;t worry, you are going to pull that needle to the middle of the thread so that your two ends will be knotted and your thread will be doubled. Take a button or bead and knot at one end about six inches from the end. This will be the anchor so the foam shapes don't slip off. all of my beads and buttons are in storage so I made do with a simple, lonely knot. You could do that too if you wish then your knot and my knot could be penpals.Pick up first foam shape and pokey, poke, poke with the needle as if you were slicing in half and carefully go through the whole shebang. Your child CAN do this most definitely as long as they rock their fine motor skills. Needles are sharp and they may poke themselves so if you feel anxious about this, try a plastic needle or do the poking part yourself.Continue until all shapes are on the thread. Have your child arrange the spacing between the shapes so that they are not all jumbled at one end.Add finishing touches such as googly eye circles, Halloween stickers or other scrap happy doodads. I added B O O using chipboard letters from the craft store glued onto some paper circles I had leftover from the cupcake toppers and googly garland projects.Tape up to your wee one's headboard, the front door or over the mantel, pull out a Halloween book or two and enjoy!


  1. Your ideas are so darn awesome!!!!!

  2. aw thank you ladies! i hope you are able to make a garland or two...would love to see them!

  3. This is so cute! Saw this on FB!