Wednesday, December 15, 2010

pixy stix straws & a holiday potion

there is something quite delightful about paper straws. i have a box of happy red & white straws somewhere in the many, many boxes that contain the everyday contraptions of the a-go-gos...somewhere. so, to get my paper straw fix, pounced on some extra pixy stix that i had floating about. and since i was going to be drinking through such happy straws i needed something perfectly perfect to drink.

a few weeks ago, a couple of friends and i were hanging out in a los angeles coffee shop that offers all sorts of goodness. it was a perfect meeting space as it offered caffeine for us ladies and a play area for the birdie. when birdie got a wee bit tired of the play area, Mama Za procured her a most delightfully wonderful concoction called a princess potion. complete with whipped cream, rainbow sprinkles and a pink frosted animal cookie, miss birdie was in princess potion heaven. i'm not sure how they make their potion but here is a scrumdillyumptious take using sweet yummy things from your kitchen. chances are you won't have to hit the grocery for anything.

*1 Tablespoon of jam
*1 cup of milk drink of your choice
*jar with lid
*whipped cream
*rainbow sprinkles
*3 pixy stix sans candy

scrumdilly-do it!

begin by liberating the sugar candy from the inside of the pixy stix. with a pair of scissors, snip off both end and give a little blow through the new straw to remove any sugar residue. set aside
pour your milk drink into the jar and add a dollop of jam. screw lid on tight and give the jar all sorts of shakes. if you use a plastic jar, you can pass this part onto your kidlets to do. the longer you shake, the more foamy your milk. plus, it helps mix in that sweet jam.
one cup of milk shaken up can make three small cups of potion. gather your glasses and fill with ice. pour potion into iced glasses leaving room for a dollop of whipped cream. lookie all that foamy goodness!
add whipped cream and a shake or two of rainbow sprinkles, plop pixy straws into the whole concoction and enjoy! a fruity sweet holiday potion that is sure to delight your kidlets.


  1. Oh my goodness!! This sounds so adorable!

    It's the rainbow sprinkles that got me :)

  2. them sprinkles ARE a bit happy! ;) thank you!

  3. mmmmm. looks delicious. anything with sprinkles makes my 2 year old go bonkers. i haven't had a pixy stick in ages -- where do you find them?

  4. thank you! i found my pixy stix at the Dollar tree. I have seen them at the drugstore as well. Good luck!

  5. My problem with this is that they're PAPER. And as any kid who's ever stuck a pixie stick in their mouth knows, as soon as that paper gets wet, it's done for. So I don't see how this works. :\

  6. I agree with Mag, I just bought a bag from Dollar Tree and they get soggy when wet, definitely wouldn't work as a straw.