Tuesday, December 14, 2010

make a pixy stix garland

Make a holiday garland much like this one but instead of paper straws, use good old fashioned Pixy Stix (sans the sugary stuff)!

*pixy stix
*sturdy thread
*mini cupcake liners
*fat needle optional (a tapestry needle works well)
*froot loops, cheerios, gumdrops and other soft candies also optional

With your scissors, snip off both ends of each Pixy Stix liberating the sugary sweetness inside. You may wish to dump the sugar before your kidlets get a whiff but you can also use it to "flavor" some fizz water or make some pictures using glue...draw with the glue, sprinkle powdery sugar on top and shake off.

With scissors, have your kidlet(s) cut each paper wrapper into two or three pieces and set aside.
Gather up your goodies and begin with a length of sturdy thread that has been doubled and knotted at the end with the needle at the other. A darning needle is fairly blunt and shouldn't poke your kidlet, never ever leave your child unattended when they are wielding a sharp object...I'm just saying.  Proceed to alternate cut straws, candy and/or cupcake liners until you have a garland that makes you want to dance. If you decide to use soft candies, you may wish to have a wee little capfull of oil handy to grease the needle to keep it from getting too sticky.
Make sure to leave your tail ends fairly long so you have some wiggle room for hanging your garland. Have fun!


  1. What a great idea!!! I was thinking about using cupcake liners back to back in ornaments or a garland, but couldn't think of a good way to bind them --PIXIE STIX are the best idea ever!!!

  2. thank you! keep an eye out for an awesome pixy stix/cupcake liner project on my other blog...it blew me away i am that excited! i wanna see a pic of what you make too!