Thursday, January 27, 2011

crowns of gold and pom-poms

This lickety split craft is perfect for a birthday party or classroom event. The supplies can be found at some dollar stores or teacher supply stores. I paid $2 for the poms and the bulletin board edged, the glue I had on hand.

You Will Neeed:
*bulletin board edging
*glue (tacky glue has the most tack)
*tape and/or stapler

scrumdilly-do it:
Set out supplies in a mess friendly zone and let your kiddos get gluing. Markers will generally not work on foiled edging. When I ran children's event for a bookstore, we used the corrugated rolls of bulletin board edging, we simply cut the lengths we needed and let the kiddos loose. If the pre-cut edges are too short, cut an additional piece fro ma spare and affix with tape or staples. Allow 20-30 minutes for the glue to dry. Have fun!

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