Thursday, April 14, 2011

Links for older kiddos

A friend just asked me if I had any ideas for her and her niece. I set her up with this happy list. I don't mean these projects verbatim but using these as a jumping off point. They may appear more girlie but I know that with the right colors, supplies, creativity and attitude your boy-os would have just as much fun...though maybe not the apron...or at least not one as lacy as a kitchen curtain offers. By picking a theme or different color palette you can tie these all together. The nephwe a-go-go LOVES aliens so I would tweak each thing to become some sort of alien something-or-other. He'll be spending much of his spring break with us and in between the building of our Death Star Globe I think we'll make a few of these. What will you do?

*straw & paper garlands
*friendship bracelet
*no sew apron
*mp3 pouch from a juice pouch
*sugar buns
* word garland
*no sew scrappy bunting
*gluten-free clay beads

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  1. Just hopping down the bunny trail of blog hops today, when I found a link to your blog. You have some excellent idea. Will look forward to following and seeing more. Hope you'll come by and visit me.