Friday, June 3, 2011

crafting for craft: make a play camera

This one is for your kiddos! check out the craftzine blog for the tutorial. I'll be back on Tuesday to add a proper link. Happy crafting!


  1. Hi, I loved this tutorial and camera. Thank you. I made one today with my four year old and she is now walking around with it round her neck taking many photos. The hardest part was waiting for the glue to dry.I hope it is okay that I linked to your blog and the tutorial and put a photo of our version here
    Such a great idea I wanted to share it with my blog friends!

  2. @Minnado

    Thank you! I think your little's camera is FANTASTIC! it warms my drippy heart to see it! I wanted to link up to it here too but for some reason I am unable to leave a comment on your blog or access the post directly. Thank you fro sharing and I hope you have a happy June!


  3. I love it! I was just looking for props to go along with a bear hunt activity we did. This camera would be perfect!

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