Thursday, April 12, 2012

revisiting art through a straw

 I got to hang out with the nephew a-go-go this week and when we hang out, we get to painting. We pulled out the watercolors and got to it. I made pages of color while he worked carefully on robots from the Real Steel. After a while he asked me if I knew how to paint by blowing and I said sure thing, so out came the straws and little pieces of scrap watercolor and we got to it.
With our hot pink straws we blew paint this way and that way. The nephew worked on making painty "blood" splotches (he is nine after all) while I experimented with color.
As we worked on the best techniques the nephew showed me a new one. Dip straw into liquid watercolor (or watered down tempera) and place finger over the top to create a vacuum of sorts. With finger over top of straw, bring over to paper and release. Paint will blob onto paper and you can blow away!
After we finished, I sprinkled regular old table salt all over my painting and set aside to dry. With a whisk of the hand, the salt was liberated and a happy new picture was displayed!


  1. Gorgeous! We created monsters like this. but just with black. It would be great to include colors.

  2. I haven't thought of this technique in YEARS!! I work with special needs kids. With the end of the school year coming (and sometimes a lot of down time on our hands) this will be a great activity, and especially since we have these supplies on hand. Thanks for the reminder. This will be really fun and different for the students.