Wednesday, April 4, 2012

make a rainbow pillow

 Howdy folks! Going back to this post, I'm going to show some pics from how I made the rainbow pillow. I need to let you know that I am an awful crafter in the sense that I cut corners and don't measure. I am very imprecise. I just kinda do, so please forgive my lack of specifics and I hope you manage to whip up a happy rainbow yourself.

*large sheet of paper or newspaper
*pen or pencil
*fabric scraps
*sewing machine
*fiber fill of choice

First, draw out a blunt rainbow shape on a large sheet of white paper (I taped two smaller sheets together to create a larger size). Cut it out.
 Find a red swatch of fabric a little larger than your template. Collect the next five colors in the rainbow making each swatch smaller than the one before it.
I pinned the red fabric to the pattern and cut it out. Eyeball your next color (orange) and cut out a similar shape only smaller than the red, continue until you have cut out remaining five colors. Stack them atop each other to see how your rainbow will look. Use scissors to trim and make any adjustments.
 Pin the orange fabric to the red and machine stitch using both a running stitch and a zig-zag. Repeat until all your fabric pieces are stitched together, making a happy rainbow.

Flip the whole shebang over and pin it to the backing fabric (mine was cut into a large rectangle). Take over to the machine and stitch the two pieces together leaving a channel open for turning right-side out and stuffing.
Trim fabric and turn right side out. Settle into a comfy space with a bag of fiber-fill and get to stuffing. Handstitch the opening closed and now your pillow is ready to go!

If you need any help, feel free to ask me anything, I'm here for ya!

**Oh my, I must have been super tired when I wrote out this post. I just remembered that I actually did NOT simply eyeball the pieces as I cut them, rather I CUT the actual PATTERN with each subsequent color.  It's even easier than eyeballing. Seriously easy. I can't believe I completely blanked. Zoinks!


  1. So simple! Ah you're a legend. Will have a go at this after I conquer the other three little jobs I have to complete (why is it that the 'fun' stuff is always the job work you haven't started yet and the WIP is always the 'chore', despite it being the fun one before you started?). :)

    1. I told you so! Thank you, I hope you do have time to conquer it and I would love to see your rainbows!

  2. Yeah! I also cut corners and am crazy lazy. But this turned out beautifully! I love it and am gonna try it!

    1. did you try it , polly? i hope you had fun!

  3. This is simply one of the cutest things I have ever seen!!! And you're right, it does look so easy! I have a lot of scraps so we may just have a whole bunch of these around the house soon! Thanks for sharing :)

    1. yay, thank you! i hope it surely proves to be easy and would love to see your pillows when/if you make them!!!!