Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Earth Day: ivy crown

I always have a difficult time remembering Earth Day as I like to think every day is Earth Day. When it comes to Earth Day crafts and activities for children, I truly hope you make a point of going outside to enjoy our planet. While crafting it up with recycled materials is fine and dandy, why not step out to see what nature has to offer? I have a handful of projects that you and your children can do most any time of year. In fact, each season you try them the results will be different! 
 First up, this easy ivy crown can be whipped up in a jiffy. All you need is ivy (or other abundant vine) and masking or washi tape. I make these crowns for the kiddos at the preschool using morning glory vines. For those we twist and gently tie the loops up but using tape will make your kiddo's crown last a smidge longer. You can even add more leaves and found flowers if you feel so inclined. Make sure to use your own plants or ask permission before your kiddos begin pulling up all sorts of leafy goodness and as always, have fun!

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