Sunday, April 21, 2013

Earth Day: painted newspaper can planters

 Painting on newspaper is a fantastic activity for your children as long as you receive the newspaper, that is. Though I have been known to paint up our free weekly now and then. I paint newspaper whenever I feel a need to be crafty and then I store the painted newspaper in a pile in the closet until I need a bit of whimsy to add that extra punch to a project. Acrylic paints add the best coverage but poster and tempera will work as well. If your can is going to be outdoors, you will want to cover the newspaper with a coat or two of water-resistant mod-podge or something similar. Decorated cans can also house art supplies or be used as a container for gift wrapping. A stack of cookies wrapped in wax paper would fit nicely in your average can just to give you an idea.

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