Wednesday, April 30, 2014

bear hunt discovery bottles and the dance...

I wanted to create a discovery center centered around our literature for the week which was We're Going on a Bear Hunt and wondered how long shaving cream would last in a bottle to represent snow. I hopped on over to pinterest to see if anyone else had done the bottles and discovered this nifty post from Nestpirations, yay! While they used cotton balls for snow, I stuck with shaving cream and it lasted longer than the "grass" did as the grass got a bit funky in all that moisture but a week was all we needed and the children LOVED the bottles. They would gather them up for each story time and arrange them in order/sequence as we read the story each day. The grass came from my garden cut from a swath of some sort of floral pretty, the river is sand from our sandbox with water mixed in. Our forest is a gathering of sticks and leaves, the mud is potting soil and water, and the snow is shaving cream. The children really enjoyed our literature and would retell it as they played around the room. During snack and at lunch we would make the sounds from the book that went with each bottle. So much fun!
So much fun that one of the kiddos decided to gather up ALL of our discovery bottles to create this awesome piece of art. He spent more than thirty minutes arranging all the bottles to his liking and asked me to take a picture of it telling me it was a dance. Swoon!

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