Thursday, April 6, 2017

squishy art

I don't have any photos of the finished projects but really, it doesn't much matter how it all looks as much as how it felt making them.

First the children selected the paint they wanted to use...usually  ALL of the colors...then they applied their "squeezing muscles" to pop the pretty paint all over their paper.
When they were ready, the slected a sheet of cling wrap and carefully palced it over the top of their paper and got to squishing it all up. They children were astounded that no paint got on their hands! Some smoothed the paint out from the center. Others used fingertips to poke and prod. All of them had a lot to say. Most of the papers ended up drying with the cling wrap on top. The children had so much fun doing this they even added another layer (or two) of paint and cling wrap. Yay for process!

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