Saturday, April 29, 2017

we love snails in the classroom


It's getting harder and harder to find snails to bring to the classroom but when we find them, oh boy, do we enjoy them! We create a snail habitat by placing dirt, rocks, and small pots or cups onto a tray or shallow bin for the snails to enjoy. We have a squirtbottle nearby to keep them damp and I encourage gentle hands and wonder when we have the snails in the room. The cool part is that snails can be popped into a ziplock bag or container with lettuce or cabbe leaves and stored in the fridge. We do this for the week then liberate them to our small play yard. One year, after such a liberation, we found dozens of itty bitty baby snails in our garden. It was really cool! Anotehr year, we found a snail, weeks later, had moved into our nursery rhyme book and ate it's way through a few pages! The children were DELIGHTED when my teacing partner pulled out the book to read only to discover a wayward snail inside!

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