Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Picture Book Month: The Opposite

Written by Tom MacRae
Illustrated by Elena Odriozola
Published by Peachtree, 2006

It goes without saying (at least for me, ahem) that a picture book written by a fella who writes Doctor Who episodes would be unique, witty, and so very clever. The Opposite is just that and if I had more wits about me I would present my recommendation oppositely but my wits have gone off on holiday so all you have is this picture and my word. Oh, and if the story itself doesn't convince you, please take some time to soak up Ms. Odriozola's unique illustrations. They are amazing!
Create your own Opposite with a little paint and a toilet paper tube.

*empty toilet paper tube
*white acrylic paint plus other colors
*permanent pen
*glue stick
We're going to create our own Opposite in the style of Ms. Odriozola's amazing illustrations. First thing you need to do is have your kiddo(s) paint their tube white. They can of course paint it another color but make sure it is a light color. Let dry.
 Once dry, cut the top of the tube in a curve to create your Opposite shaped head. 
Next, draw a circle at the top for the face and draw the face. Look at the illustrations in the book and emulate the same style. Keep it simple.
Hand yer kiddos a paintbrush and have them paint up their bodies. Set aside to dry.
While drying, cut two strips from white paper and have yer kiddos paint up the arms as well. When they are dry, affix to your Opposite with a swipe of glue stick. Ta-da!

November is Picture Book Month! Check out the official blog here

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