Friday, November 11, 2011

Picture book Month: a bear and his boy

Written by Sean Bryan
Illustrated by Tom Murphy
Published by Arcade, 2007

a bear and his boy is the story of a bear on the go, busy, busy, busy but for the boy on his back. The story is told smoothly and sweetly through rhyme. The illustrations have a vintage appeal. If you enjoyed this title, make sure to check out this duo's other two; a girl and her gator, and a boy and his bunny.

Don't forget, November is Picture book Month. check out the blog here.


  1. this is so funny! at a preschool visit this morning we read the bunny and gator books. i didn't know there was a bear book, but there had to be! i saw this and got it ordered for the library! thank you! :)

  2. yay, what a co-inky-dink! so glad to have shown ya this read. happy weekend!