Thursday, November 10, 2011

Picture Book Month: Bing Make Music

Written & Illustrated by Ted Dewan
Published by David Fickling books

I discovered the Bing books back when I was teaching a toddler art class. Myself, I was fond of the colors and illustrations of the single Bing book I had. Once I read it to my toddler group I recognized that Bing was a bunny totally worth reckoning with. I picked up all but one Bing title from new and used sellers on Amazon and haven't looked back. Kiddos LOVE Bing and I do as well. My favorite thing about Make Music is that Bing and Flop make music much like our kiddos do, using everyday objects such as keys and such. To accompany this book, why not have your tots make their very own rice shaker?

*uncooked lentils
*small beads and bobbs
*empty plastic water bottle
*glue or packing tape
This goes without saying that you know your kiddo better than anyone else. If your child is in danger of choking on any of the above materials, please take precautions and adapt as you will. We recently did this activity with our toddler class without a hitch. Instead of rice, we used popcorn kernels and pumpkin seeds. The beads added a pop of color. I have also done this with Plastic Easter eggs or sturdy paper plates.
Set out empty bottle, sans lid and have your kiddo fill (about one-quarter is good) with beads, buttons, bobbs, and rice.
Screw lid back on and affix with glue and/or tape. Once dry, hand over to kiddo and make some music! Don't have beads and bits? Hand your kiddo a wooden spoon and an empty box and enjoy!
Don't forget, November is Picture book Month. check out the blog here

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  1. Such a fun project!! Featured it on KneeBlogger today as part of our preschool bead round-up!