Saturday, November 5, 2011

Picture Book Month: The Adventures of a Nose

Written by Viviane Schwarz
Illustrated by Joel Stewart
Published by Candlewick Press

The Adventures of a Nose is a picture book about a Nose looking for a place to fit in. The illustrations are BRILLIANT! I adore this title.

To go along with the fun and quirkiness of The Adventures of a Nose, I have a fun collage project you and your kiddos might enjoy.

*Paper or posterboard
*Glue Stick
*Markers, Paint or Crayons

Have your kiddo go through some kid friendly magazines in search of their very own nose. They may cut out their nose with a pair of scissors.

Taking a cue from the book, have your kiddo collage, draw or paint a background for their nose. Keep in mind the goal is to create a face from an everyday scene. 

Once they have their background ready, paste the nose into place and add legs. Ta-da! Or, as an alternative, they can create a paper doll of their nose and take it on its very own adventure via a walk outside or through another magazine. If you do this, I would LOVE to see your Nose! Enjoy! 

I didn't have time to create my own collage for you but I do hope you'll keep reading, more fun to come! 

November is Picture Book Month, check out the blog!

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