Wednesday, May 15, 2013

crepe paper wind catchers

These wind catchers were an Earth Day project that got left behind. All you need is crepe paper, scissors, washi tape and sticks.

Cut a length of crepe paper no more than 14" and roll it up, leaving an inch or two free at the top. Use your scissors to make two to three cuts across the fold. If your kiddo is a scissors novice, you can draw two lines for them to cut on. Unroll the crepe paper and shake it up. You now have a nifty mini-pom of sorts. Repeat for each color of crepe paper you choose to use. We used five colors.

Gather up your streamers and twist at one end.  Hold streamers against stick and wrap a length of washi or masking tape around and around. We used sticks from a cut grape vine. Take your kiddos out on a walk to search for the perfect stick. They can even paint them up if you like.

Give your wind catcher a shake and take it outside for a spin! Have fun!


  1. This looks beautiful and easy! Can't wait to make some with my little girls! :)

    1. thank you! they are really fun and make a great sound when you shake them! I hope you and your girls got a chance to make some, enjoy!