Monday, May 13, 2013

monday round up

I remember walking on tin can stilts in Kindergarten. I loved them! You can involve your kiddo in the making by having them art up some paper to cover the cans. They can also choose the roping and you can discuss the cans themselves. Once they begin to use them, children will learn about balance, cause and effect, and work their large motor skills. Tin can stilts...they're not just toys.

This is a super fun read aloud book with a refrain that children can quickly pick up on. After you read it, your kiddos can make mud pies (or even dirt cups)!

Listen: Lynn Plourde reads "Pigs in the Mud..."

Years and years ago I hung out with a frustrated three year old as he struggled to draw a pig. Rather than show him how, I sat down and we talked abotu hwat a pig looked like. We found illustrated versions of pigs to compare and contrast and we made a list of features a pig would have. When he finished with his pig, a pig that HE created, I think I was more excited than he was. Children are brilliant and even more so when given the opportunity to develop their critical thinking and what better way than to inquire through art and creative play?

From the Archives: art through a straw
Kiddos love straws, LOVE them. They also love paint and making art. This is such a great combo and if you use a kid friendly non-toxic form (or make your own using food color and/or kool-aid) it won't be such a bad thing if they suck on their straw instead of blowing. This activity is also good practice for teaching children the difference.

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