Wednesday, May 8, 2013

mother's day make: pom-pom magnets


This super fun and quirky-cute project packs a whole lot of color into a little box. Your grade-school kiddos can whip these up in a day and may even wish to make some for themselves. No fancy gadgets needed! All you need is a handful of colorful yarn, scissors, strong glue, and button magnets.  Check out the diy over at scrumdillydilly.


  1. Hello. I found your "Jek Farm" image on pinterest. It caught my eye because I instantly thought of the Jekanowski Farm in Hadley, MA and then realized your image said "Hadley, MA". Are you related to the Jekanowskis?

    1. Hi Amy! Oh, no I am not related. I sometimes go by the name jek and my friend who lives in Hatfield sent me the bag. I love it!