Wednesday, May 8, 2013

mother's day make: arted up catch-all

This simple catch-all can be created by even a wee toddler type. As long as she or he can wield a marker, they're good to go. Just make sure to sit with them as they get all artsy on ya. 

*one plain or white ceramic dish
*permanent markers 1-3 colors

Place your dish onto a marker friendly surface. This dish here was picked up at Target for $1.99 but you can find similar pieces at your local thrifts, box stores, or maybe even the dollar store. 


Hand your kiddo a marker and let them scribble or draw away. It's so simple that even the sribblyist marks will pack a punch. If my metallic markers could have been located, I totally would have used those!


Add a simple heart and/or the date along the side or bottom and wrap it up in a bit of kiddo arted paper and gift away. This catch-all can hold Mom's or Grandma's favorite bangles or placed on a desk it makes for a great catch-all of paperclips and such. Happy almost Mother's Day! 

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