Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Happy Pancake Day!

It's all repeats these days, originally uploaded by squacco.

This fantastic batch o pancakes was made by flickr user squacco! I wish I could make pancakes as pretty as these!

Today is Shrove Tuesday aka Pancake Day!

Check out a happy flappy flapjack list of books I put together for you and also check out my newest kaboodle page for games and other ideas! While Shrove Tuesday is today, you can still join in the flapjack fun and celebrate National Pancake Day in the States on February 27th! To kick off your Pancake Day, whip up a batch of homemade pancakes add an assortment of toppings and enjoy! Later in the day, you and your kidlets can have a pancake toss using beanbag pancakes that you make, not the real ones! You can even have a pancake hunt...cut out a bunch of paper pancakes and hide them for your wee ones to find. Get their math on by counting all the pancakes before you hide them and then adding them up after they are found to see if they match. If you have more than one kidlet, make a graph to chart each one's findings. Turn it into a fun game but don't make it about the winning. Other hoecake fun:

*Have savory pancakes for dinner. Set up a pancake bar so kidlets can add their own toppings.

*Have a "pancake shape" hunt through the casa. How many pancake shaped items can your wee ones find?

*Make happy flapjack dolls! Cut out round pieces of felt for your kidlets to decorate stitch to a backing, have the wee ones stuff 'em, seal the mup and vioula! Happy Flapjacks! If your kidlet can use scissors have him/her cut out their own shapes. Kidlets as young as 4 (sometimes even 3) can weild a large needle and thread themselves so assist them with the sewing up of the flapjack. If you don;t feel crafty enough for some sewing with your kids, try using construction paper, paper plates or other paper and seal the flapjacks with tape or staples. The kidlets can still stuff them with cotton, tissue, old socks, etc. OR, for an added small motor skill element, use paper plates that you have hole punched around the rims and have your kidlets lace their Flapjacks closed!

Who knew pancakes could be so mathy? Don't forget to check this list for some stories you can read!
Happy Pancake Day!

**if you live in the staes and decide to eat out, IHOP has a "free" pancake offer of sorts, check 'em out! A little pancakey goodness and some donation good deeds, what have you got to lose?

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