Sunday, February 11, 2007

Random Acts of Kindness Week

February 12th-18th is Randome Acts of Kindness Week. Take this time to teach yer wee ones a little bit o' altruism! Kick of the week with a reading of another one of my favorite books:

How Kind!
Wrtten & Illustrated by Mary Murphy
Published by Candlewick press

"How Kind" is a perfect tale of how one good thing leads to another. The story starts out with Hen giving Pig an egg and Pig feeling just so dandy about it that he gives a little something to Rabbit and so on and so on. With brilliantly colored illustrations and the repitition of "How Kind!", yer kidlets will need little encouragement to come up with kind ideas of their own. Take a cue from the book and spend the week dialoging with yer wee ones about Random Acts of Kindness. Do something nice for a neighbor, bake cookies for a dear friend, donate old toys to a local charity or take a walk with sidewalk chalk and spread some colorful cheer. The possibilities are endless and being a smilemaker is a good thing to be!

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