Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Neighborly read

In honor of Neighbor Day I thought I would share with you one of my most favorite books ever! Okay, I know I say that about all th books I write about but this book is truly sweet, special and perfect for sharing with your kidlets. It is a bit on the sad but sweet side but I have read it to three year olds who really amazed me with their compassion and ideas on the story. The added plus is that it is about one of today's most popular crafts...knitting! I don't even know if it is still in print and my copy is a paperback but I love it all the same.

Mr. Nick's Knitting
Written by Margaret Wild
Illustrated by Dee Huxley
Published by Voyager Books (Harcourt) 1988

Everyday on the train as Mr. Nick travels to work, he pulls out his knitting and knits alongside his train neighbor Mrs. Jolley. One day Mrs. Jolley isn't on the train and then another day comes when she isn't there and another and another. Mr. Nick finds out that Mrs. Jolley is in the hospital and is very sick. MR. Nick decides to knit up something extra special for his neighbor and dear friend. What he makes is most beautiful and inspiring.

You can use this book as a sounding board for yer kidlets and have them make their own creations. No knitting necessary. A paper quilt will work also. A wee bit more fun can be found over on Kaboodle.

Have fun and don't forget to Wave All Your Fingers At Your Neighbor today!

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