Thursday, December 20, 2007

Festive fun with paper plates

I did this project last week with something else in mind (which I promptly forgot) and then this morning I thought of another way to do it but have no picture of the finished deal. Perhaps you will be inspired and send ME pictures!

Paper plate wreaths!

What you need:
*paper plates
*paint (tempera, acrylic or washable)
*glitter, sequins or tissue paper
*paper clip or hole punch and string
*white gluescrumdilly-do it!

Set out your supplies in a paint friendly area. Set evrything out on a splat mat or plastic tablecloth. Give each of your wee ones a paper plate and let them squirt 2 to 3 colors of paint onto it. You may want to water the paint down a tiny bit if it is super thick.Add a marble or two and have your kidlet(s) grasp the plate in both hands and wobble it just a smidge to get their marbles to roll around and mix up the paint. Add glitter and/or sequins if you like for some pizazz and sparkle.Set aside to dry.Once dry, help your wee one(s) cut out the center of the plate leaving a paint splattered ring. This will be your wreath. You can set out torn bits of tissue paper, pipe cleaners, cut up straws and more sequins so that they can decorate their wreaths even more. Glue or tape a paper clip to the back near the top and you have an instant hanger. Or, yo ucan use the hole punch to punch a hole for threading some yarn to use as a hanger. Have fun with the colors, do red and green for Christmas or jazz it up in silver and blue for a New Year's wreath. Add a clothespin to the back at the top so that you can clip a holiday card or photograph to hang in the center of the wreath. There are oodles of options, have fun and don't forget to take pictures! Send me your pics and I'll post them here with a link to your blog.

Have A Happy Holiday!

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