Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Revisiting Tinfoil Festive

 Many thanks and homemade cookies to blogger bethany actually for repurposing tin foil festive into Holiday Cards! Check out her blog for some fabulous pictures. What a great idea, I wish I had thought of it! Anyone else doing something extra spiffy for the holidays?

More Holiday fun coming tomorrow! (I misplaced the book that jump started my circle frenzy so that will be coming in January. Sheesh, where has all the time gone?)


  1. OMG those are soo cute! Glad you're back, yea time is flying. Thanks for the link.

  2. thanks! it has been difficult to squeeze in time for this. my brain is on overload! i just did three new projects and will be posting them soon!

  3. I understand, it's hard for me as well. Keep em coming, can't wait to see the next three :)

  4. I am all flustered that you mentioned me on your fantastic blog, Jek! I might have even squealed a little bit when I saw the link. ;-)

  5. Love this - will get the kids going on making gift tags using this idea tomorrow, THANKS!

    Reminds me of this non-reflective, stained glass effect tissue project with recycled plastic containers, glue & tissue

  6. I saw the post on 'bethany actually' and traced back here to your original...great idea! I want to use her idea for the Christmas cards but am running into a problem: my tissue paper isn't sticking to my foil! The process goes great (tried it with my 4-y-o) and we had a lot of fun, but after the whole thing dried, the foil just peeled right off. Did I not use enough glue? Did I water it down too much? Anny suggestions would be helpful. Thanks!

    1. Thank you! I am sorry your tissue paper isn't sticking. How weird! I have never had this problem before. Maybe it was watered down too much? Try adding just enough water so that the glue can be "painted" across the surface of your work. You might also try using mod-podge if you can get it. Good luck!