Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Happy Boxing Day!

Don't throw all that gift wrap out! Make a nifty gift wrap collage!

What you need:

*gift wrap scraps
*ribbon scraps
*gluestick, tape or kid friendly glue
*carboard, cereal boxes, paper plates, gift boxes
*glitter and other bits of fun
scrumdilly-do it!

Gather up all your gift wrapiness. You know, that pile of torn paper and ribbons and tags. Set out a selection of the goods for your wee ones to art it up with along with scissors and adhesive and something to glue it all onto.Have your wee ones cut or tear pieces of their favorite paper and arrange them onto their work surface for some collage fun. You can use broken-down gift boxes, paper plates, cardboard or heavy paper for your work surface.They can do random placement or make a torn picture. Cut, tear and glue away, add some glitter for fun and you will soon have a nifty memorable holiday collage! Don't forget to recycle the rest!
Other ideas:

**Collage onto a gift box and refold so that your wee one can have their own nifty treasure box for all those stocking-stuffers.

**Cut the scrap gift wrap into strips and make some more paper chains!

**Cut long strips of paper and have your wee ones collage onto a paper plate. Don't forget oodles of ribbon and you can make a paper plate hat not unlike the baby shower hats we so love to force new mamas to wear!

You may even want to save a box of scraps to keep around for when inspiration strikes. Kidlets can even art up the blank backs of the paper.Have fun!


  1. great idea....
    thanx...Hope you had a glorious christmas and boxing day
    luv Abby

  2. I love the paper chain idea!

    A friend of mine teaches second grade. She has a paper chain growing the whole school year. Each time a child looses a tooth they add a link to the chain. A lot of teeth are lost during second grade!

  3. It really helps that wrapping paper comes in all colors and more designs than just traditional red Santa Claus and reindeer designs!

    Jan from Unique Baby Gear, Baby Room Themes and Nursery Decorating Ideas

  4. Great, great project! I've been saving up cereal boxes, etc., (and driving my husband nuts!), and now I have the perfect project to use them for! Thank you!