Friday, February 8, 2008

Repurposed Art: Puffy Hearts

You can also do this ahead of time with blank paper and have your wee ones art them up before stuffing and puffing's up to you.

What you need:

*your kidlets artwork or blank paper
*white glue
*clothespins or paper clips
*recycled plastic bags, grocery, produce, bread, etc.
*paint, chalk, markers, etc. if using white paper.
*ribbon, string, yarn
*stapler or hole punch

scrumdilly-do it:

Gather up your supplies. Cut up your wee one's artwork into two or more equal sized squares. If you are using a large sheet of paper, fold it into quarters. If you are using white paper, do the same.Cut out a heart shape through the layers of paper. You will be able to make half as many puffy hearts as their are cut shapes. Two hearts for each "pillow". If you are using blank paper, make your hearts as large as possible so allow your wee one's ample creating space. If you are having your wee ones repurpose their own artwork, you may want to draw a heart shaped template for them or if they are able to, have them draw their own template.Apply glue to the "wrong" side of the repurposed heart just around the edges but leaving a two inch space. The opening will allow you to "stuff" your puffy hearts.Place the companion heart, "right" side up on top of the glue-y heart, add paper clips or clothes pins to the edges to help secure. Set aside to dry.Once dry, if you are using white paper, now is the time for your kidlets to art them up. If you are using paint, set the hearts aside to allow the paint to dry. If you are using repurposed art, it is time to "stuff" 'em up. Get your plastic bags and cut into manageable pieces. I used three quarters of a bread bag for one 8 inch heart. Squish 'em up and push into the opening.Add glue to the edge to seal and use your clips to hold it closed.Once dry, staple a ribbon, string or yarn loop to the top. You can also use a hole punch. You now have a nifty Valentine's Day ornament for your front door, door knob or what have you. Give a little love to your friends and family, Happy Heart Day!


  1. I love how this project includes using recycled items. Great idea!

  2. My daughter and I did this and stuffed them with kisses as valentines! We just sealed the hole with a little piece of masking tape that said "pull." They were a big hit. What a great idea!

  3. I love this idea! I love all your ideas! Blog surfing during my little guy's nap and found you. I will back back again for sure. Thank you for sharing your ideas with all of us.
    In Peace,
    aka Montessori Mama

  4. Great Idea! I think I'll have my kids make something like these this weekend. Thanks for the idea!

  5. I totally love these. Such a sweet way to send a secret treat, birthday favors or other fun.

    Thanks for the idea

    I love your blog. Perfect kid place!

  6. What a wonderful idea!!! :) Thanks for sharing this!

  7. I love this idea! Thank you for sharing!

    ~ Dawn.

  8. This is amazing-I love ideas for recycling art, as we've devoted an entire room to it, and "the art room" is slowly taking over the house-lol!

  9. This is darling! I would love to photo link to this project if you didn't mind.

  10. My kids will love this! So easy! Thanks for the idea!

  11. I'm always looking for a way to avoid throwing away the abandoned art I find at the school I work at. Thank you.

  12. Hi! I turned my son's fingerpainting into a repurposed heart a few years ago when I ran across a link to your post on Crafty Crow. At the time my son was just a toddler. He is 4 and a half now and I decided to revisit the fingerpainting and do up a repurposed heart again! I now have a blog and linked my post to you! Thank you so much! I LOVE IT! The blog post that I reference you in is :
    Happy Valentine's Day!

  13. Love this art idea and many of your other ones too. Well done and keep them coming!
    Theresa from Malta