Sunday, December 4, 2011

Holiday Fun: Edible Memory Game

  I was hopping around the internet this morning when I came across this happy, lovely round up on Tatertots & Jello. I thought to myself "how brilliant!" and immediately clicked on over to Shindig Parties To Go to see that what I thought was an edible memory game was really a bunch of happy in a jar (which is also pretty nifty). So...taking a cue I thought "why not?" and so I present to you an edible memory game, perfect for Hanukkah, Christmas and most any other holiday.
*1 bag of wrapped flat bottomed candies (like Kisses or Patties or Hanukkah Coins)
*Printable sheet from Shindig Parties To Go, round stickers, labels or a handy decorative punch
*assorted paper for decorative punch
Dump out bag of candies. I used world coins from here. They are nice and flat and perfect for my scalloped paper punch.
Count out an even number of coins and punch out paper bits. I had 24 coins so needed 12 different prints of paper.
Smother paper bits with glue stick and place one each onto a chocolate coin or candy. You can also print out your own designs on round sticky labels or use happy holiday stickers.
Flip over and play a coupe of rounds. Save this for a party and the kiddos can keep the candy they "win".  Candies can be stashed into handmade bags like these! Happy Holidays!


  1. LOVE this idea! I can't wait for us to try it in two weeks.

  2. Such a great idea. Perfect stocking stuffers for my kids, the nieces and nephews... thanks for sharing!

  3. thank you Carrie, Lisa and Kim! I hope you have a blast making a set!

  4. brilliant! came across your project via a blog from Malaysia that funny enough also linked to a post of mine. Have you heard about my blog Would love to see you see you at my linky part on Sundays when it resumes from it's December vacation.
    love the yarn on the plastic egg idea too!

  5. GENIUS!! Can't wait to do this with the kids! Thanks for the idea. LD in Jerusalem