Sunday, January 26, 2014

best two dollars I have ever spent!

Sometime last summer I wandered into our Goodwill Outlet and came out with a bag full of old school curlers. I had the vague notion that they would be fun sensory bin items for the preschool. It wasn't until I switched schools and had my own classroom that I thought to bring them in.
Before I dumped them onto our train table, they got a good soak in the sun then a spin in the washing machine. Now they were as good s new!
We played with the curlers for two weeks. I sorted out all of the purple curlers and we talked about all of the little blues yellows, and greens we had to play with.
The children sorted them by color and/or size, stacked them up, made designs and patterns, lined them up and blew them over.
The following week, the purple curlers were added as well as a couple of jump ropes for lacing.
Best two smackeroos I have ever spent!


  1. these are fantastic! i want some too!

  2. Wonderful idea! I love looking for thrift store items with new eyes. :)

    1. be careful may end up with a trunk of junk waiting to be should see mine! ;)