Sunday, January 19, 2014

we made a paper quilt, you can too!

Back in November we spent a week with The Quilt and all things square with a few other shapes thrown in. One of my favorite projects was making these concentric square blocks. Each child had an opportunity to layer away.

We used square format scrapbook paper, construction paper, and origami paper. The children chose their first large square and then their next and so on. We were working on recognizing size and shape. Some papers had to be cut smaller. Our kiddos are young threes so needed a little help. The fours I worked with did their own cutting and began with origami squares. Picking up the smaller piece of paper worked those fine motor skills while applying the glue to the larger worked those large motor skills.
Look how lovely the papers all look. The colors chosen were all that of the children. I have to admit I got into a zone making these too. It is too fun! We used glue sticks to adhere the papers together.
Some children chose to do less on their layering but then added more a day or two later. The mix of pattens and colors were truly remarkable. The paper pad we began with for the large squares was a bit united in the color palette. I think that added to the community of the project.
We have two separate classes in the room and each group worked on the project...teachers included. Like I sauid it was a lot of fun!
Our quilt was put together by my co-collaborator and is absolutely lovely, don't ya think? That center square was contributed by a few children on the Jr. K class who did all of the cutting themselves. So gather up some paper and gluesticks and get to it!

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