Monday, August 4, 2014

wrap a rainbow

Here is another fun project from our spring week of rainbows...yarn wrapped-rainbows!The set up was a bowl full of balls of yarn, scissors, and pre-notched up pieces of cardboard cut from a box we had hanging around the classroom.
I teach 3s and my 3s are on the younger side so this project was one that many of them needed a little guidance with. Some of the children only needed a little help showing them what the notched were for while others found that holding the cardboard and wrapping was a bit too twisty for their little hands so I held the cardboard for them as they cut their yarn, slipped it into a notch, and wrapped itaround and around and around. They were so proud of their finished rainbows!
The children used all sorts of fine and even some large motor skills for this project. Fine motor for scissors work, holding the cardboard and wrapping the yarn near the end of their strands; large motor for the beginning wrapping as the kiddos may have cut very long lengths of yarn so the wrapping became a whole-body event. They used sequencing/ordering skills along with color recognition as they wrapped their yarn in rainbow order. Pretty cool!

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