Tuesday, April 3, 2007

How's about some gardening fun?

Someone out there in the big wide world has declared April National Gardening Month so why not take advantage of it and have yer wee one's grow something!

You can pick up seed packs just about anywhere these days. From the supermarket to the dollar store to one of the big box "we sell everything" stores, seed packs should be easy and inexpensive to find. You can even throw a garden party if yer wee one was lucky enough to be born in the spring. So many ideas, where shall I start?

*sprout an avocado pit (and yer kidlets can make some guacamole also!
*egg carton garden
*sprout some beans
*eggshell gardens

Or if you would rather go with something a bit more fruitful you can purchase small strawberry or tomato plants for yer wee ones to nurture and grow. One single strawberry has never tasted sooooo good! Now is a good time if you are in the states. I'm a bit of a dunce when it comes to geography but I am sure there is something out there for every kidlet to grow no matter the amount of sun you are getting unless of course the sun is hibernating for you right now. For you I have included a list of excellent and fun picture books.

If fruits and vegetables are not up your alley, you can always grow flowers. Pick an easy to grow variety like violas or cosmos. Violas are perfect for little pots on the windowsill. A windowsill garden would be perfect for your tot! They even sell teeny tiny pots that she or he can paint and decorate. A handpainted pot with a custom pack of seeds makes for a beautiful gift for a family member at this time of year. You can purchase small envies from a specialty paper store or you can make your own with this template here. Turn your wee one's artwork into a custom pack of seeds! See? Too many ideas!

You can take your kidlets out to see public gardens in action. From Museums to Community Gardens to your neighbor's front yard, I am sure there is no end to the plantlife in your neighborhood! Don't forget to make a masking tape bracelet to catch all those pretty leaves and petals that have fallen to the ground!

And to top it all of check out this kaboodle list for more garden inspired fun! Thank you for stopping by!

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  1. Thanks for all of the great ideas. I really, really want to grow something this year. I am looking forward to checking out your links.