Sunday, April 29, 2007

The last bit o' penguin fun!

Here's the last bit of penguin fun that I have up my sleeve. What could it be? I like to call this "Funky Penguins" art!

What you need:
*black paper
*white and yellow paint in small amounts in a cucpake liner or squeeze bottle
*splat mats and cover ups
*white and/or yellow glitter
*cupcake liners or construction paper in yellow & white
*glue or glue stick
*chalk (optional)

scrumdilly-do it!

Gather yer supplies. Each kidlet will use one piece of black paper. Have your wee ones (or you, if they are a bit small) fold paper in half creating a crease down the center. You can do this in either direction but width wise will leave you with a bit more room for the paint to ooze. Next up, your kidlets will drip or squeeze bits of paint on one side of the paper near the crease. Kind of like that old fashioned butterfly art we used to do as kids only we're using white and yellow paint. Once they've dripped to their hearts' content have them fold the paper back in half and rub a little to spread the paint. This part can get messy so have fun!

Open the paper to reveal their masterpieces and add bits of glitter to the wet paint.

Set aside to dry. Once dry your wee one's can cut out a penguin shape, add eyes, beak and feet using scraps from the black paper and a cupcake liner or construction paper for the beak and feet. Use a glue stick or glue to stick everything on and VIOLA, funky penguins for everyone!

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