Monday, April 2, 2007

Make a classroom quilt!

Or a family quilt, you decide whichever works for you!

classroom quilt

My good friend and Reggio educater Julia put together a classroom quilt to be raffled of at her preschool fundraiser. She had each kidlet in her class art up a square that she then pieced together to make a wall quilt. This is more awesome than awesome! The coolest part is that all the documentation on how they worked on their quilt will also be included in the prize! Isn't that neato keen?

You can do this at home! All you need is some fabric, fabric scraps, ribbons, glitziness and a lot of Aleene's tacky glue! You can use a series of small squares are very large squares. You can stitch them together however you want or you can leave it up to yer kidlets as to how THEY want to piece it. You never know what they will come up with! Check out these details:

classroom quilt: detail 1

classroom quilt: detail 3

classroom quilt: detail 2


  1. wow have just stumbled on your blog while looking for bonfire night activites! am sure that I will be using many of your ideas as they all seem so great!

    Tia xXx