Monday, December 22, 2008

Last Minute Snowflakes

This is a great and easy project to do with your kidlets before bedtime. All you need is wax paper, white glue and glitter.Older kids can freehand their snowflakes, follow the pics for an idea how and younger tots can trace over a pre-drawn snowflake or, if you really want it to be open ended, let them come up with something completely different! Set out the wax paper, hand over the glue and go.You may need to go over a few lines that separated. Thicker is better but you want the lines to be definite lines.

Once your wee ones are done with their glue drawing, sprinkle your glitter over the whole thing and set it aside to dry. Overnight would be best. Some children get quite glue happy so the more resting/drying time, the better.

If you don't have any glitter on hand, you can use sugar or salt. Coarse salt would work super nifty-like. Powdered gelatin would work as well.
Once dry(ish), shake off excess glitter and admire. (You may want to shake that glitter into a container to reuse later).I'll show you how they look once mine are dry. Have fun!


  1. These are super cute! I absolutely love all your craft ideas. Will be giving you a little linky love on my blog when I get home and post our Ivory soap snowmen we made last night.

    Thanks for the great ideas! We'll be making the snowflakes tonight!


  2. I heart last minute snowflakes! What a great idea-- im going to remember this one for decorating the pad next christmas season. For now im all glittered out!

    All the Best to You and Mr. A Go-Go

  3. Just make some with my daughter. Thanks for such a cute idea.