Wednesday, October 9, 2013

more autumn scented play dough fun

The children have really been enjoying our Autumn Scented Dough.  It has traveled all over the room and I keep finding bits and (dried up) pieces of it in our play kitchen. One way to keep the idea of the dough fresh and exciting for little hands is to change up how it is presented.  Recently I have discovered the phrase "Invitation to Play" and I love it, thank you internet! After a few days of the dough being on the usual table. I set it up on one of our other work tables on top of a sheet of orange paper underneath with our Autumn leaves nestled in a small copper mold.

The play became recharged and the dough was used in new and different ways.

The leaves were used differently as well.

And then the fall flowers were brought in and a whole new game began....

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