Wednesday, October 16, 2013

weave a little house...

We had a donated playhouse in our classroom that had a cloth cover in various shades of pink. We couldn't decide if we wanted to keep the house or not. I discovered the cover came off quite easily and so we whipped the cover off and then I found some yarn....


My thinking was two-fold. The house was now open but still houselike so that the children could play inside it and turn it into whatever kind of structure they wanted while we could still see them and what they were up to.

So I wrapped the walls of the house in yarn to give it a smidge bit more visual stability...

And added the basket of fabric scraps so that they could weave some magic into the walls.

Some children work carefully weaving the fabric in and out. Some work very hard to hang a length of fabric over a piece of yarn that rises far above their heads.

Lately I have spotted many of our scarves from the scarf basket tucked, tied, and woven into the house. It is always changing and I love it.

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