Wednesday, July 2, 2014

a bit of serendipity

The last time the mister and I were in Los Angeles we managed an epic Ikea run. Epic by way of items to use in the classroom. One of the items I purchased was this cookie cutter set. I had no idea when or how I would introduce it to the classroom but it was so cute how could I resist? When we got home, I tucked them away and totalyl forgot about them until this week when I found them again. As I was gathering supplies for school, I grabbed the cookie cutters and thought to place them in a small baking pan I picked up from the dollar store. Lo and behold, they fit crazy perfectly and so instead of adding the cookie cutters to the play dough table, I set up this shape match instead. The children were intrigued and perplexed as it was not as easy as it appeared. We talked about orientation and direction and used words such as rotate, turn, and flip. The children also got to practice naming the animals in the set. Serendipity is fun!

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