Monday, July 14, 2014

fun with rainbow rice

 For our week of A Rainbow of My Own, we buried ourselves in rainbows and colors. One of our families graciously made us a batch of rainbow rice that matched the colors in the book (mostly). I asked for lime, teal, and pink, instead of magenta, blue, and yellow but still...all very happy and the children made the connection!
I set up the rice in a shallow bin on top of one of our tables. Along with the rice there were funnels, empty yogurt containers, spoons, pie pans, and ice cube trays. We poured the rice into the tray so that each color was in its own band and then the children got to mix it up. It was really pretty and the children LOVED it!
 In case you are wondering, yes, the rice does get everywhere! We have a small dust pan and broom that the children love to use to sweep up our floors. They voluntarily will get to sweeping complete with tucking the broom and dust pan back into its happy home.
It may be a mess but at least it is a happy, colorful mess. Our rice was dyed with liquid watercolors much in the same way as our pasta, craft sticks, blocks, and clothespins.

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